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Math, Computing, and Science Changes - Effective Fall 2021


Math and Computing Domain courses are particularly relevant to achieving the goals stated in 3.1.B. of DePaul’s 2024 strategic plan, to "ensure that all graduates demonstrate core competencies and transferable skills (e.g., cultural agility; technological, information, and data literacy; computational thinking; critical and systems thinking; effective communication; and ethical and moral reasoning)."

To adequately prepare our students in statistical and computational reasoning skills, the Math and Computing domain offers two categories of courses: Statistical Reasoning (SR) and Computational Reasoning (CR).

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*** Please note, the DPR will not reflect these changes until August 2021.***

Acronyms on this page
QR = Quantitative Reasoning (LSP 120) formerly QRTL I
MCD = Math & Computing Domain, which presently has two kinds of classes (CR and SR)

CR = Computational Reasoning
SR = Statistical Reasoning

SID = Scientific Inquiry Domain, which presently has three kinds of classes (SI-E, SI-Lab, and SI-SWK) but in fall 2021 changes to two kinds (SI-Lab and SI-SWK)
SI-E = SI - Elective (phasing out beginning fall 2021)
SI-Lab = SI - Laboratory
SI-SWK = SI - Science as a Way of Knowing

Courses approved for MCD

Computational Reasoning (CR)


Statistical Reasoning (SR)


​​Exemption, Waiver, and Outplacement Policies

Waivers depend on one’s major program requirements. A student who completes QR and whose program has an MCD requirement earns four extra credits in the Liberal Studies Program (with one exception: the BA in Music), resulting in a waiver of one LSP domain course requirement. This waiver cannot be applied to courses in MCD or SID. If a student has completed all LSP domain requirements at the time of passing QR/MCD courses, then an open elective may be waived.

The Quantitative Reasoning Proficiency Exam may be taken at any time by any student. A student who passes the Proficiency Exam is exempt from the QR requirement. Passing the exam earns no credit hours; a student who passes the exam will have an additional open elective in his or her program. Proficiency exams for courses in the MCD will not be offered.

Any calculus course (taken at DePaul, or transfer, CLEP, or AP credit) may be used to fulfil any of the three QR/MCD requirements. For example, three quarters of Calculus can replace QR and two MCD requirements.

Programs whose required courses include calculus or substantially cover the learning outcomes of QR, SR, and CR may petition for exemptions.

Transfer classes and credit by examination will be treated with the same policy used for other LSP learning domains (see the Liberal Studies Program Guidelines).

Transfer courses are treated as their DePaul articulations for exemption purposes.

Transfer credit equivalent to an existing SR course or more advanced course in Statistics fulfills the MCD SR requirement. A score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Statistics Exam waives SR in the MCD.

Transfer credit equivalent to an existing CR course or more advanced course in Computer Science fulfills the MCD CR requirement. A score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Computer Science Principles or a score of 3, 4, or 5 the AP Computer Science A Exam waives CR in the MCD.

A student who transfers to DePaul having met the IAI/GECC requirements is exempt from QR, MCD, and SI.

The QR and MCD requirements do not apply to students in the Honors Program. Students in the Honors Program are required to take HON 180 “Data Analysis and Statistics.”

Students in the BFA programs are required to take QR or demonstrate proficiency via the QR Proficiency Exam.

Modern Language Option waivers cannot be applied to courses in MCD and SID.

Please note that the QR/MCD waiver (formerly QRTL waiver) and the MLO waiver should only be applied to LSP domains that have two or more requirements left. At least one course in the domain needs to be taken at DePaul. If a student can use both the QR/MCD waiver and the MLO waiver, both waivers should, when possible, not be applied to the same LSP domain. 

Before and After Requirements Charts by College