Liberal Studies Program

The Liberal Studies Program is the common curriculum taken by all students in the seven undergraduate colleges of DePaul University. Overall, the program is designed to develop students' writing abilities, computational and technological proficiencies, and critical and creative thinking skills.  Some liberal studies courses introduce the institution's unique Catholic, Vincentian, and urban mission and identity, and may include opportunities for community service. While the liberal studies curriculum itself is quite varied, the program as a whole shares these four learning goals: 1) Knowledge of Human Cultures and the Physical and Natural World, 2) Intellectual and Creative Skills, 3) Personal Responsibility and Social Transformation, and 4) Integrative Learning.

Unlike a student's chosen major, which offers depth of knowledge in a single focused field, a liberal studies education provides breadth of scholarship across many different areas of study. At DePaul, faculty from virtually every department, interdisciplinary program, and college help to teach the over 1400 different courses from which students can choose to meet their liberal studies requirements. This wide spectrum of participation on the part of students and faculty alike contributes to a strong sense of intellectual community at DePaul, and a shared commitment to its mission and values.

Overall Liberal Studies Program Goals and Outcomes