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Exception Policies

​​​​​​​​These are guidelines for submitting an exception request for Liberal Studies Program (LSP) requirements. Exception requests for the Experiential Learning requirement have varying policies noted below. 
 Information Required for LSP exceptions/waivers requests:

  • Student Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Student DePaul email address
  • Home college
  • Advisor Name
  • Advisor DePaul email address
  • A description of the request*
  • Syllabus for DePaul courses
  • Syllabus & Course description for non-DePaul courses
* If the request comes from an advisor, they need to state the reason they are submitting the request on behalf of the student. (These requests include one-offs and, for returning students, groups of old LSP or pre-LSP program courses.)

To make an exception or waiver request, please fill out the Liberal Studies Program Exception Request Form. If the exception or waiver request is approved, your advisor will make the change to your Degree Progress Report (DPR). 

Transferring Honors Courses

Students who have chosen to withdraw from the Honors Program and would like to transfer their Honors courses to their Liberal Studies Program requirements should refer to the Honors Program Withdrawals page in the Catalog and consult their advisor before submitting an exception request.

Experiential Learning Exception Policies

Military Exception

​​​For this by-request waiver of the EL requirement, the student is to write a 2000-word essay describing how their military experience (leadership, challenges, etc.) meets the EL learning outcomes. The essay can be emailed to LSP Director, John Shanahan, with a few sentences of self-introduction (include full name and student ID) and requesting that this count for EL credit.

Independent Study

Students may apply to have their Independent Study considered for Experiential Learning (EL) credit.