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Learning Domains

The Learning Domains reflect an expansive liberal arts curriculum that is not strictly discipline-based. Within any one domain, courses share basic criteria, learning outcomes, and modes of inquiry, but can be quite dissimilar in content. Faculty from multiple departments, programs, and colleges across the university serve as instructors for these courses. Students are assured breadth of learning by being required to take courses in each domain, but are also given latitude to experience and apply the many exciting forms of intellectual inquiry taking place in today's modern university.

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Arts and Literature

In Arts & Literature (AL) courses, you will interpret and analyze creative works from many different disciplines, investigate the relations of form and content, and through critical or creative activity, come to experience art with greater openness, insight, and enjoyment.

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Historical Inquiry

Historical Inquiry (HI) courses study human life in past societies (primarily pre-1945) as a process of continuity and change over time. In these classes, you'll examine various artifacts for their aesthetic or intellectual value and build sensible, defensible, and well-informed interpretations about the past.

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Scientific Inquiry

Scientific Inquiry (SI) courses engage you with various methods of modern science to develop thorough perspectives about science and its impacts on the world.

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Math and Computing

Math and Computing (MCD) courses introduce you to the methods and tools of statistical reasoning and computational reasoning that are crucial for life-long learning.

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Philosophical Inquiry

Philosophical Inquiry (PI) classes will develop your critical, imaginative, and analytical abilities to address important problems from a variety of perspectives and articulate reasoned judgments about fundamental concerns of human life.

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Religious Dimensions

Religious Dimensions (RD) courses centered on specific traditions or a comparative, thematic, or ethical focus encourage you to explore the religious dimensions of life and culture, including its positive and negative impacts on various communities.

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Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Inquiry

Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Inquiry (SCBI) courses focus on the mutual relationships and impacts between people, societies, and cultures. Course topics range from poverty and economic opportunity, the environment, nationalism, racism, gender and sexuality, and conflict and consensus in urban societies or global relations.

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