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Advising in the Liberal Studies Program

​Advising ​students about their LSP requirements, whether as an academic instructor or staff professional, calls for knowledge and understanding of the program's architecture. More importantly perhaps is how our LSP reflects the core values of a strong liberal arts education.

This is evident in how the learning domain requirements for undergraduate majors, across the 10 undergraduate colleges, are structured to complement and not duplicate what students already are learning in their major field. Thus English majors have a reduction of LSP courses in the Arts & Literature learning domain, while Chemistry majors are exempt from Scientific Inquiry domain area requirements. Because of these unique college by college (and major by major) variances in how LSP requirements are established, it is absolutely essential for advisors, and academic instructors, in particular, to familiarize themselves with exactly what is required of majors in their own home unit.

Beyond grasping the basic course requirements associated with the LSP, academic advisors also shape the attitudes of how students approach this substantial component of their overall curriculum. Language such as "you can get that requirement out of the way" should never be used by an advisor, and when such sentiments are uttered by advisees, a conversation should follow about the value of a liberal education.​