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Featured Research

The research culture at DePaul is typified by the pervasiveness of new ideas, the stimulation of dialogue, and a commitment to engaged scholarship. The below featured research provides a brief a vignette of select projects that typify faculty members contributions to our campus community and their disciplines.

DePaul Tree of Wisdom  

College of Communication faculty Matthew W. Ragas and Ron Culp have released a book titled: Business Acumen for Strategic Communicators: A Primer

July 2021
College of Communication

The book, which targets business acumen for communication students and professionals, covers topics related to strategic communication including organizational agility, stakeholder engagement, finance and accounting, and DE&I, with targeted essays, interviews and case studies.  Read more.  

(Image courtesy of Emerald Publishing)


Simonovich Explores COVID-19 Nursing Practices

March 2021
College of Science and Health
With funding from the Illinois Nurse’s Foundation and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society, College of Science and Health Assistant Professor Shannon Simonovich is conducting an Examination of Nursing Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic to both to describe the experiences of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic and to conduct a thematic analysis to better understand the long-term impacts of the pandemic on the nursing profession and implications for public health. This research has potential to lead to changes in practice guidelines and policies for nursing advocacy groups and health care organizations in our community.  Credit for Simonovich photo:  DePaul University/Jeff Carrion


Godage Receives NSF Career Award

March 2021
College of Computing and Digital Media
Isuru S. Godage, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media has received an National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development award, totaling $529,999. With this funding, Dr. Godage will introduce a novel systematic approach to combining simple soft robotic modules into sophisticated cyber-physical systems, capable of performing complex manipulation and locomotion tasks. Read more.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom 

Virtual Reality Film Hominidae Gains Recognition at Film Festivals

March 2021
College of Computing and Digital Media
College of Computing and Digital Media Assistant Professor Brian Andrews and colleagues virtual reality film, Hominidae, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, was featured at the Festival de Cannes in the XR Development Showcase, and is currently in an international film festival run including 7 Academy Award qualifying festivals. Noteworthy, all the lead creative roles in Hominidae were filled by DePaul faculty and professionals; the entire production crew was made up by students in the School of Cinematic Arts Animation and Film & Television programs. The project was truly interdisciplinary with the cast drawn from DePaul’s Theater School and recorded in the School of Music.  


DePaul's Tree of Wisdom 

Tzoumis Edits Reference Book on Toxic Chemicals

March 2021
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Professor Kelly Tzoumis’ reference book entitled Toxic Chemicals in America: Controversies in Human and Environmental Health has been released. The two-volume book, edited by Tzoumis, contains information on the use and management of select toxic chemicals and substances. Featured toxic chemicals and substances are placed into historical and policy context for understanding the science and health impacts to human health and the ecosystem. Tzoumis has also authored several other recent scholarly publications related to environmental diplomacy and has worked with colleagues on the application of virtual reality (360/3d) experiences and game simulations to environmental conflict and diplomacy education.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom 

Media Engagement Lab Uses Biometric Research to Inform Marketing Decisions

March 2021
The College of Communication
The College of Communication’s Media Engagement Lab, provides a multidisciplinary space for faculty and students interested in marketing communication research focused on Advertising, Public Relations, and Media Psychology. The lab uses Biometric research techniques, to back creative decisions with unbiased data about how humans experience exposure to marketing communication materials. Assistant Professor Juan Mundel in the College of Communication reports, among the lab’s projects are a robust research agenda on consumer response to marijuana products as the result of the legalization in the State of Illinois. Researcher’s interested in the Lab are encouraged to contact Assistant Professor Juan Mundel in the College of Communication. Additional information on the research projects and services of the Lab can be found here.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom 

Studham Explores Decolonization of Theatrical Production Practice

October 2020
The Theatre School
With funding from the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, as part of the Fulbright Scholar Program, DePaul School of Theatre faculty member, Susan Studham will explore the decolonization of theatrical production practice, tracing specific hybrid practices and practical innovations through an examination of the uniqueness of the Balinese approach to performance management.

Dr. Donna Kiel 

Kiel’s OIPL Help’s Educators Refine Remote Teaching Skills

September 2020
College of Education
Dr. Donna Kiel, of the Office of Innovative Professional Learning in the College of Education, has been awarded a grant from Little Black Pearl (LBP). Kiel and colleagues will assist LBP with the development of practices and strategies that integrate their vision of teaching and engagement within the remote teaching context. Learn more about Dr. Donna Kiel's Teaching Through Tough Times project here.

Dr. James Montgomery 

Montgomery Investigates Strategies to Retain STEM Students

August 2020
College of Science and Health
Dr. James Montgomery, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, in the College of Science and Health has been awarded a $1 million grant from National Science Foundation to investigate strategies to recruit and retain science undergraduates. The project will conduct research to increase knowledge about the effects of learning communities on non-cognitive factors generally associated with students' academic persistence and outcomes. Understanding of the academic persistence of STEM scholars is viewed by NSF as critical to addressing national shortages in the nation’s STEM workforce. Read more.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom  

Rasin Targets Techniques for Detecting Clandestine Database Access

August 2020
College of Computing and Digital Media
Dr. Alexander Rasin, Associate Professor in DePaul University’s College of Computing and Digital Media, received a $249,870 NSF grant for a project to develop and evaluate techniques for detecting clandestine access to the contents of stored databases. As recent news indicates, data breaches have become an epidemic threat to businesses, governments, and society. As increasing amounts of personal, private, and proprietary data are being stored electronically, our lack of adequate means to prevent or detect breaches becomes increasingly concerning.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom  

Bucking Team Documents the Archeological Landscape at Beni Hassan

July 2020
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of History Scott Bucking is undertaking the first comprehensive effort aimed at documenting the complex archaeological landscape south of the Middle Kingdom necropolis at Beni Hassan, with funding from the American Research Center in Egypt/USAID's Antiquities Endowment Fund. Working collaboratively with the Egyptian ministry and Manila University, the project team will carry out urgent documentation and conservation on the archaeology at greatest risk due to illicit digging and agricultural development. The project also lays an important foundation for a large-scale preservation initiative that draws attention to the rich, multicultural heritage of the region and increases awareness of the significance of this region in multiple periods of Egyptian history.

Additional Featured Research

For a greater view of our funded research, please consult the lists of projects from 2020 below. These lists are representative of the scope of the internally and externally funded research currently ongoing at DePaul.  Also detailed below is a link to initiatives previously featured on this page. 

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