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Undergraduate Student Research

Conducting research as an undergraduate student provides you the opportunity to delve deeper into a subject about which you are passionate. Research opportunities can:

  • Advance your knowledge regarding a subject matter, issue or skill of interest to you
  • Help define your personal goals, interests and future career direction
  • Develop your problem-solving skills
  • Provide an opportunity to gain methodological skills or competencies related to a specific field or discipline
  • Demonstrate your intellectual maturity and prepare for the rigors of future graduate or professional education, and/or national fellowship/scholarships competitions
  • Integrate your classroom learning with practical, real-world experience
  • Cultivate your connections with faculty-mentors and/or other professionals

How to Participate in Research?

DePaul University fosters unique opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research. Every interested DePaul undergraduate student, from every college and every major, can participate in research. DePaul faculty regularly engage with and employ undergraduates during the academic year to assist with their research projects. DePaul offers options for undergraduates to engage in research for academic credit, for a stipend or on a voluntary basis.

Several colleges offer colloquiums and seminars that allow you to earn academic credit while gaining an understanding of the research process. Course requirements and the number of credits earned vary by college or schools. Many colleges also regularly offer innovative courses on current trends to keep students abreast with the latest technical development in their area.

How to Find Research Support?

Not every undergraduate research project requires funding to get started. If your project does, below are some approaches to funding that might be of interest to you.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant Program
    The Undergraduate Research Assistant Program provides students a unique opportunity to become actively involved in the planning and implementation of research. This program is of particular interest for those undergraduate students who intend to pursue graduate level or professional studies, and those who enter careers in which they are required to develop and manage research projects. Participating student assistants are directed by individual faculty members or groups of faculty in their ongoing research projects.
  • Faculty Research Grants
    Internally and externally-funded grants obtained by faculty often provide limited budget for faculty to hire students to assist with the research activities. Working on a faculty member’s grant can be a great introduction to research and help you hone your skills in preparation for engaging in your own research project.

    Network with your professors to explore the possibilities:

    • Research your Interests: Read published abstracts and articles published by the faculty or research teams that intersect with your research interests. Newsline is a great place to check out recent news releases.
    • Make Connections: Attend faculty office hours and department events/ seminars to familiarize yourself with faculty research interests. Specifically ask about volunteer or employment opportunities that might be available in labs or on grants. Faculty may also be aware of summer programs available both on and off-campus.


Communicating research results is a critical part of the learning experience. Events both internal and external to DePaul can provide opportunities to present research results and confer with colleagues and peers.