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Graduate Student Research

​​Elevating academic excellence and embracing a culture of creativity and discovery is a key strategic pillar for the University; our graduate students experience this every day. Our colleges and departments have outstanding research facilities and opportunities for conducting graduate-level research. Masters students can engage in the research process through independent studies, thesis-based courses, and interning with faculty as a research assistant. Doctoral students (in specific departments) undergo a rigorous research curriculum to help them excel at both teaching and research.

Doctoral Programs

Doctorate in Business Administration
DePaul's DBA program begins with a strong emphasis on research methodology and disciplinary coursework that features the most current developments from both academia and professional practice. Coursework simultaneously builds candidates' interdisciplinary business knowledge and applied research skills. Candidates take seven research methodology and seven business discipline specific courses.

Computer and Information Sciences (PhD)
The PhD program in Computer and Information Sciences offers an opportunity for exceptional students to pursue substantial research in the computer sciences and related areas. The program is highly selective and is purposefully kept small so that each PhD student can receive substantial advising and mentoring from CDM faculty. To earn a PhD degree, a student must demonstrate breadth of knowledge in at least two research areas and significant depth in a chosen dissertation area. In addition, the student must conceive, write and defend a PhD dissertation representing a significant and original contribution to current academic research as demonstrated by a public dissertation defense and publication in established peer-reviewed academic conferences and/or journals.

Curriculum Studies (PhD)
The Curriculum Studies (PhD) program prepares you to strengthen your own practice, challenging you to work for social justice and educational excellence. The program focuses on educational curriculum in the context of sociocultural and political environments, forcing you to think critically about opportunities and problems in education. The PhD in Curriculum Studies is for those who seek academic careers such as researchers or university faculty; leadership positions in educational policy, local or state agencies; or curriculum positions in schools or community learning environments.

Educational Leadership (EdD)
The Educational Leadership (EdD) program examines the human, organizational, political, social and technical systems of educational institutions. As a Doctor of Education (EdD) you will be committed to socially just leadership and the transformation of education at the local, regional and national levels.

Philosophy (PhD)
In the Philosophy (PhD) program, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the discipline, grounded in continental European thought, through rigorous coursework and seminars. Through directed research, colloquia and the dissertation, you’ll also develop the expertise necessary to begin your academic career. In addition to your studies within the department, you’ll spend the spring of your second year abroad, engaged in immersive language study.

Clinical Psychology (MA/PhD)
DePaul’s Clinical Psychology (MA/PhD) program emphasizes training in both scientific research and practice and has been recognized by the APA for training in diversity. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the societal and systemic forces that influence mental health and contribute to disparities in access to adequate health care for poor, urban and ethnically diverse populations. You’ll be prepared to work in the public sector, in an urban environment, with diverse ethnic and socio-economic populations, and with children, teens and families who have been traditionally underserved by psychology.

Community Psychology (MA/PhD)
Find solutions to a wide array of social issues, from educational failure and chronic illness to substance abuse and violence. DePaul’s Community Psychology (MA/PhD) program will equip you with the skills and research methodologies necessary for a career as a researcher, educator, interventional specialist, consultant and program evaluator. The program emphasizes human diversity, specializing in research and intervention work with underserved communities.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA/PhD)
DePaul’s Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA/PhD) program will provide you with a solid grounding in psychological theory and essential training in methodology. As an Industrial/Organizational (I-O) Psychology graduate student, you’ll collaborate with a faculty expert to develop and implement new research ideas while contributing to developments in the field.

How to Fund Graduate-Level Research

Not every graduate research or dissertation research project requires funding to get started. If your project does, below are some approaches to funding that might be of interest to you.

Internally and externally funded grants obtained by faculty often provide limited budget for faculty to hire students to assist with the research activities. Working on a faculty member’s grant to hone your research and methodological skills can be great preparation for your independent research. A complete listing of this Fiscal Year’s Faculty Grants is detailed on the featured research.

A sampling of external programs to fund graduate research is detailed below. Additional information is available on Grant Forward.