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Honors Faculty

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Listed below are the faculty who are currently teaching or have taught in the Honors Program.

Clement Adibe, Political Science 

Luisela Alvaray, Communication and Media

Mark Arendt, English

Cheryl Bachand, History of Art and Architecture 

Kerry Balden, English

Carolina Barrera-Tobon, Modern Languages

Hugh Bartling, Public Policy Studies 

Eugene Beiriger, History

Peg Birmingham, Philosophy

Elena Boeck, History of Art & Architecture 

Barrie Jean Borich, English

Kate Brucher, School of Music

Scott Bucking, History

Ken Butigan, Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies

Rebecca Cameron, English 

Jeff Carter, Art, Media & Design 

Gary Cestaro, Modern Languages (Italian)

June Chung, English, Global Asian Studies

Jennifer Conary, English

Burcu Degirmen, Political Science

William Denton, Political Science

Yi (Allen) Ding, Religious Studies, Global Asian Studies

Marcy Dinius, English

Colleen Doody, History 

Michael Edwards, First Year Programs 

Cathy Elias, School of Music
Jennifer Finstrom, Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse
John French, Political Science

Michelangelo Giampaoli, Anthropology

Laura Gilchrest, College of Liberal Arts and Social Science

Matthew Girson, Art, Media, and Design

Michael Gregory, Anthropology
David Goldberg, Political Science
Gil Gott, International Studies
Jonathan Gross, English 
Nancy Grossman, Honors 
Nandhini Gulasingam, Geography and GIS
Steve Harp, Art, Media & Design 
Jason Hill, Philosophy 
Jill Hopke, Communication and Technology
Stephanie Howell, Communication Studies
Juan Hu, Mathematical Studies
Kristin Idaszak, Theatre School

David Jabon, STEM Studies 

Mindy Kalchman,  Elementary Math Education
Gazmend Kapllani, Modern Languages 
Khaled Keshk, Religious Studies
Kelly Kessler, Communication and Media
Laura Kina, Art, Media & Design
Christie Klimas, Environmental Science and Studies

Daryl Koehn, Philosophy 
Mary Jeanne Larrabee, Philosophy, Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies 
Eulalie Laschever, Sociology 
Doug Long, First Year Programs 

Matthew Maguire, History

Polly Mangerson, Modern Language (French)

Melissa Markley, Marketing 

Jason Martin, Communication 

Susana Martinez, Modern Languages (Spanish) 

Felix Masud-Piloto, History 
Rajit Mazumder, History 
Babacar Mbengue, History

Alison McCracken, American Studies 

Michael McIntyre, International Studies 
William McNeill, Philosophy 
Danielle Meijer, Computing and Digital Media
Kalyani Menon, Religious Studies 
Keith Mikos, English

Christopher Milan, Anthropology
Andrew Miller, History 
Yuki Miyamoto, Religious Studies 

Tom Mockaitis, History 
Cricel Molina de Mesa, Health Sciences
Caterina Mongiat Farina, Modern Languages 
James Montgomery, Environmental Science 
Christopher Mount, Religious Studies 
Jesse Mumm, Latin American and Latino Studies
Brian Niro, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 
Thomas O'Brien, Religious Studies 

Sheryl Overmyer, Catholic Studies

Daniel Pepe, Philosophy

Michael Peterson, Philosophy

Lisa Poirier, Religious Studies

Darry Powell-Young, Political Science 
Faruk Rahmanovic, Religious Studies 

Michael Raleigh, Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse

Ramya Ramanath, Public Service

Mitzi Ramos, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Monica Reyes, Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse

Sarah Richardson, Biological Sciences 

Christina Rivers, Political Science

Kerry Ross, History

Francesca Royster, English 

Rocco Sacconaghi, Catholic Studies
Max Samson, Geography and GIS
Ellen Schaal, Environmental Science and Studies
Jason Schneider, Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse 
Rachel Scott, Anthropology

Eric Selinger, English

Frederic Seyler, Philosophy 

Maureen Sioh, Geography and GIS 

Fanny Soderback, Philosophy 

Anna Souchuk, German 

Rose Spalding, Political Science 

Adam Steele, School of Computing (CDM)

Wayne Steger, Political Science 

Carolina Sternberg, Latin American & Latino Studies 

Jacob Stump, International Studies 

Valentina Tikoff, History

Erik Tillman, Political Science

Lourdes Torres, Latin American and Latino Studies

Rafael Vizcaino, Philosophy 


James Walker, Philosophy

Jaime Waters, Catholic Studies 

Deborah Weiner, Writing, Rhetoric, Discourse (WRD)
David White, Philosophy 

David Williams, Political Science 
Michael Williams, Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse (WRD) 
Julia Woesthoff, History