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Senior Thesis & Capstone

​​​Capping Off Your College Career

Honors seniors conclude their studies with a final scholarly or creative project of their own design, completed either through an Honors Senior Capstone course or a senior thesis.  Students apply the research skills they have honed and draw from the interdisciplinary knowledge they have gained to produce a work of original scholarship that marks their transition from student to scholar​. 

Honors Senior Thesis

A senior thesis is often considered the crowning achievement of a student’s academic portfolio. For students who are deeply interested in a particular field of study, who have graduate school ambitions, or who simply want to work closely with a favorite professor on a topic of personal interest, the Honors senior thesis makes for an impressive finale to their undergraduate career. 

Students who successfully complete a senior thesis are invited to present a summary of their research at the annual Honors Research Conference. Their achievements are also recognized by friends, family, and fellow students at the Honors Senior Gala.

For current students interested in learning more about completing a Senior thesis, please visit the Honors Student Blog​.

Honors Capstone Course

​Students who choose not to complete a senior thesis project instead conclude their Honors education with an interdisciplinary capstone seminar.  The capstone seminar provides students with the opportunity to explore one final interdisciplinary topic and to draw upon what they have learned throughout their undergraduate career to produce a substantial research project.​​