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Honors Research Conference

​​​​A Focus on Research​

Strong research skills are a necessary component of a 21st-century education.  Regularly performing research as part of your Honors curriculum will teach you to critically analyze texts and arguments, consider issues from diverse perspectives, and practice finding effective solutions to the most pressing problems facing us today.  

The Annual Honors Research Conference

​Every spring, the Honors Program concludes the academic year by hosting the annual Honors Student Research Conference. In this celebration of scholarship, undergraduate research takes center stage as Honors students present the best original papers, independent projects, and creative work that they completed that year in their Honors classes.

Participating in the Honors Student Research Conference is an impressive achievement that highlights a student’s dedication to scholarship and allows them to share a unique, personal project that showcases their intellectual passions.

For current students looking to participate in this year’s Honors Student Research Conference, please visit the Honors Student Blog​.​