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About the DePaul University Honors Program

Falon Young presents her poster: "Prison Nurseries: Protecting the Mother-Child Relationship Behind Bars" at the 2019 Honors Student Conference

The DePaul University Honors Program seeks to extend students’ perspectives beyond their academic majors and to foster critical thinking, self-reflection, global citizenship, and an examination of values. To achieve these goals, the Honors Program offers a specific architecture of interdisciplinary courses intended to challenge students who have demonstrated academic achievement and wish to pursue a rigorous curriculum. The Honors curriculum promotes global awareness, preparing students to learn about and respect other cultures while developing a sense of social responsibility in keeping with the university’s Vincentian mission.

The program is characterized by small, seminar-style classes taught by experienced and dedicated faculty, dynamic academic advising, and a steadfast commitment to excellence. The director and staff work hard to preserve these qualities and to provide Honors students with a sense of a scholarly community within the larger university.

Honors Learning Outcomes

The University Honors Program shares the learning outcomes of the Liberal Studies Program, which support the university's six learning goals:  1) Mastery of Content, 2) Intellectual and Creative Skills, 3) Personal and Social Responsibility, 4) Intercultural and Global Understanding, 5)Integration of Learning, and 6) Preparation for Career and Beyond.​