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Mission & Vision

​The acade​mic mission of DePaul University is to serve as an incubator and repository of knowledge and to transfer that knowledge between faculty and student as well as between university and society. Fulfilling that mission places research at the center of university life. Elevating academic excellence through research and creative activities is a primary goal in our strategic plan Grounded in Mission: The DePaul Plan for 2024​.

DePaul’s research and innovation ecosystem encourages faculty to apply their research to real-world problems in the communities we serve. The University provides several resources through university- and college-wide funding programs. The result is a vibrant scholarly community that contributes to learning and scholarship, influences Chicago communities, and impacts the world. The ecosystem transcends both externally and internally. DePaul promotes faculty research work as public intellectuals, and its teacher-scholar model allows faculty to bring cutting-edge and societally impactful ideas and projects into their classrooms and empower students with the state-of-the-art.

DePaul envisions research and creative activities as essential for growth. We use research accomplishments to break ranks in emerging areas and maintain our ranking in existing areas. We continue to attract both world-class faculty and students who then contribute to scholarly and creative activities. DePaul continues to acknowledge the value of diverse learning experiences across disciplines, which are not only possible but also strengthened through active interdisciplinary collaborations. DePaul’s strategic plan aims to continue using the University and college-level structures to push forward an ecosystem that builds a better future for all.