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Previously Featured Highlights

Dr. James Montgomery 

Montgomery Investigates Strategies to Retain STEM Students

August 2020
College of Science and Health
Dr. James Montgomery, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, in the College of Science and Health has been awarded a $1 million grant from National Science Foundation to investigate strategies to recruit and retain science undergraduates. The project will conduct research to increase knowledge about the effects of learning communities on non-cognitive factors generally associated with students' academic persistence and outcomes. Understanding of the academic persistence of STEM scholars is viewed by NSF as critical to addressing national shortages in the nation’s STEM workforce. Read more.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom  

Rasin Targets Techniques for Detecting Clandestine Database Access

August 2020
College of Computing and Digital Media
Dr. Alexander Rasin, Associate Professor in DePaul University’s College of Computing and Digital Media, received a $249,870 NSF grant for a project to develop and evaluate techniques for detecting clandestine access to the contents of stored databases. As recent news indicates, data breaches have become an epidemic threat to businesses, governments, and society. As increasing amounts of personal, private, and proprietary data are being stored electronically, our lack of adequate means to prevent or detect breaches becomes increasingly concerning.

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Bucking Team Documents the Archeological Landscape at Beni Hassan

July 2020
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of History Scott Bucking is undertaking the first comprehensive effort aimed at documenting the complex archaeological landscape south of the Middle Kingdom necropolis at Beni Hassan, with funding from the American Research Center in Egypt/USAID's Antiquities Endowment Fund. Working collaboratively with the Egyptian ministry and Manila University, the project team will carry out urgent documentation and conservation on the archaeology at greatest risk due to illicit digging and agricultural development. The project also lays an important foundation for a large-scale preservation initiative that draws attention to the rich, multicultural heritage of the region and increases awareness of the significance of this region in multiple periods of Egyptian history.

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Grant Supports Partnership with Kenya's Tangaza University College  

Bombard's Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Grant Supports Partnership with Kenya's Tangaza University College

July 2020
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
DePaul received a $1.5 million gift from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to support its ongoing partnership with Tangaza University College in Kenta. The initiative, lead by Sister Patricia Bombard, B.V.M., in the School of Public Service will help DePaul University in its efforts to deliver an array of continuing education and leadership training programs to Catholic sisters in Africa over the next three years. Read more.

Dr. Maija Renko 

Renko Studies Entrepreneurship Among Low-Income Youth

April 2020
College of Business
Dr. Maija Renko, Professor and the Coleman Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Driehaus College of Business, received $248,879 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the project “Promoting Entrepreneurship Among Low-Income Youth”. Together with colleagues from the University of Illinois at Chicago, she will develop an evaluation and research tool for qualitative interview data collection and analysis of entrepreneurs’ experiences in support of this study of low-income youth with disabilities.

DePaul's Tree of Wisdom 

Mundel Lab Explores Link Between Age Identification and Purchase Intentions

October 2019
College of Communication
Dr. Juan Mundel, Assistant Professor in the College of Communication, will investigate the effects of models' age in ads promoting plants in his project, “Age Identification for Plant Shoppers.” With funding from Michigan State University, Mundel’s lab will participate in a study to investigate if younger vs. older models in plant advertisements result in stronger purchase intentions.