Religious Observances

DePaul University is deeply committed to supporting its religiously diverse community. The Division of Mission and Ministry has developed this calendar to be used by faculty and staff in order to encourage the religious and faith practices of all members of the DePaul community.

This interfaith calendar provides information on select world religious holidays that fall within DePaul’s academic calendar and may therefore effect DePaul students, faculty, and staff. Suggestions for accommodating students, faculty, and staff who are celebrating these holidays are included for each listed holiday.

For more information on world-wide religious holidays and accommodations, please contact Diane Dardón, Director of Religious Diversity and Pastoral Care:

The following key refers to ways in which faculty and staff might best accommodate the needs of those celebrating religious holidays:

  1. Refrain from scheduling important/mandatory events, activities, or deadlines on this date.
  2. Students, staff, and faculty within this tradition often request this day off and it is suggested that such requests be honored. Please refer to Human Resources guidelines for such accommodations.
  3. Students, staff, and faculty may be fasting, suggesting that activities and events do not include food.
  4. Please consider dietary restrictions that may apply (including kosher, halal, vegetarian, etc.).
  5. All Jewish and Muslim holidays begin at sundown the night before the date posted. Offering additional time for students, faculty, and staff to prepare is suggested.