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Chicago Quarter 2021

​​​​​​​​​​​​​  Welcome to DePaul's Chicago Quarter - Autumn 2021!

We are excited to welcome you to DePaul and to campus this fall! During Autumn Quarter 2021, we plan to offer Chicago Quarter co​urses both on campus and online. And while we can't wait to be back on campus, we do want to acknowledge that plans could possibly change due to ongoing COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines. We will follow state and city guidelines to ensure that we can offer an exciting, immersive (and safe!) Chicago Quarter experience. As we have updates, we will share them through this page. 

As you begin thinking about your Chicago Quarter course and planning for Autumn Quarter, we've included some FAQs below, regarding:

  • Updates for Autumn Quarter 2021​
  • Ongoing COVID-19 guidance from DePaul
  • Explanation of course modalities
  • What exploring Chicago looks like if you choose to take an online course
  • How to register for your Chicago Quarter course

As we navigate ongoing safety and social distancing guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic, DePaul will keep the community updated though the COVID-19 updates and guidance page at

Ongoing updates for DePaul students are also available, here

Information related to health and safety guidance is updated regularly on DePaul's COVID-19 website, here

Courses that meet on campus will follow all COVID-19 health-related guidelines, including social distancing in the classroom, on excursions, and wearing masks, as required. 

You'll register for your Chicago Quarter course through Blue Demon Domain as a part of your Next Steps checklist, prior to attending your advising appointment where you'll create your autumn quarter schedule. If you have question about how to register, you can contact

Course modality refers to the format in which the instructor will deliver the course content to you. During the Autumn Quarter, we will offer three course modalities: On-Campus, Online-Hybrid, and Online-Asynchronous.

What are my choices?

When you select your course through Blue Demon Domain, course modality will be visible. You'll be able to choose from the following options:

On-Campus: You will meet on campus with your teaching team and classmates on a designated day and time (or days/times). All instruction, course activities, and excursions will be in-person. 

Online-Hybrid: You will meet online with your teaching team and classmates on some designated synchronous days and times through a remote learning platform like Zoom. Some course materials will be designated as asynchronous, delivered online and virtually, with no set meeting date. 

Online-Asynchronous: There are no designated meetings dates for your course and all course materials and activities will be delivered online and virtually. There may be optional class meetings at designated times, giving you the opportunity to engage with your teaching team and classmates. Students are notified about such meetings in advance and attendance is optional. 

Chicago Quarter online courses offer the opportunity to explore and engage with the city through interactive videos, Zoom visits with experts in a particular area of study, and through virtual tours. Exploration may be done virtually with your entire class, in small groups or individually, depending on the class and assignment.