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Liberal Studies Program Director
  John Shanahan PhD
  990 W. Fullerton Ave., Suite 4209

Liberal Studies Program Coordinator
  Celia DeBoer
  990 W. Fullerton Ave., Suite 4201

Liberal Studies Council

As a standing committee of the Faculty Council, the Liberal Studies Council (LSC) serves as the governing body of the Liberal Studies Program. The LSC's composition includes faculty, proportionately represented from each of the various undergraduate colleges in the university, and four ex-officio ​members - the LSP Director who chairs the LSC and one representative each from Academic Affairs, the Honors Program, and Student Affairs. The LSC considers all new proposals affecting LSP curriculum and policy, which must then receive further approval from Faculty Council and Academic Affairs, before taking effect.

​College ​Member ​Unit ​Term Ends
​BUS Zafar Iqbal​ ​Marketing ​2020
​BUS ​Nick Thomas ​Hospitality ​2020
​BUS Vahap Uysal​ ​Finance ​2021
BUS (alt.)​ ​Suzanne Fogel Marketing​ ​2019
BUS (alt.) Stephen Koernig Marketing 2022
​CDM Ronald Eltanal​ ​Digital Cinema 2020​
​CDM  ​Marcus Schaefer ​Computing 2021​
CDM (alt.) Brian Andrews Cinematic Arts 2022
​CDM (alt.) ​Ljubomir Perkovic ​Computing ​2019
​CMN Jay Baglia​ ​CMN ​2019
​CMN (alt.) Kendra Knight​ ​CMN ​2019
​CMN (alt.) ​Leah Bryant ​CMN ​2019
​CoE ​Alexandra Novakovic ​Counseling ​2019
​CoE (alt.) Vacant
​CSH Nick Ramsey​ ​Math ​2019
​CSH ​Jocelyn Carter ​Psychology ​2020
​CSH (alt.) ​Andrew Carroll ​Math ​2019
CSH (alt.) David Sher Math 2022
​LAS ​Jeff Carter ​Art, Media, & Design ​2019
​LAS ​Wayne Steger ​Policitcal Science ​2021
​LAS  ​Joanna Gardner-Huggett ​History of Art & Architecture ​2019
​LAS (alt.) Sungsoon (Julie) Hwang​ ​Geography ​2020
LAS (alt.) Robert Stokes Public Service 2022
​MUS Kurt Westerberg​ ​Composition ​2019
​MUS (alt.) ​Kate Brucher ​Composition ​2020
​SNL Vacant
​SNL (alt.) ​Arieahn Matamonasa-Bennett ​SNL ​2019
​THE ​Jeff Mills Performance​ ​2021
​THE (alt.) Deanna Aliosius​ Costume Technology​ ​2019
LSC Chair ​John Shanahan ​LSP Director ex-officio​
​Academic Affairs Caryn Chaden​ ​Associate Provost ​ex-officio
​Student Affairs Rico Tyler AVP of Student Affairs​ ​ex-officio
​Honors Program Martha Martinez-Firestone​ ​Honors Program Director ​ex-officio


Current LSC Membership​​​​


LSP Advisory Committees

The Unit Advisory Chairs of the Liberal Studies Program each represent one of the 13 unit areas of the LSP (i.e., seven core courses & six learning domain areas). Advisory Chairs oversee committees, largely comprised of faculty (and some staff), who teach in their relevant unit areas. Advisory committee responsibilities include looking at new course proposals and drafting feedback on them, conducting annual assessments, reviewing syllabi, and sponsoring workshops and retreats to help develop both new and veteran instructors teaching in their LSP unit area.​

The First-Year Program Office administers the Chicago Quarter Program and Focal Point Seminar. It is responsible for the enrollment of students in their CQ courses, as well as coordinating the scheduling of CQ and FPS courses. The Director of the First-Year Writing Program oversees curriculum and administration of writing requirements, and the Director of the Quantitative Reasoning Program cooperatively administers the curriculum and course issues associated with the Quantitative Reasoning and Technological Literacy courses.

If you are a DePaul Faculty member interested in serving on an LSP advisory committee, please fill out the LSP Committee Interest form.

Committee Chair​ Unit​ College​ Term End​
​Chicago Quarter Leah Bryant​ CMN​ CMN​ 2021​
​Focal Point Seminar Scott Paeth​ REL​ LAS​ ​2020
​First Year Writing Erin Workman​ WRD ​LAS ​2021
​Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy David Jabon (co-chair)​ QRC​ CSH​ 2021​
​Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy MJ Davidson (co-chair)​ CDM​ CDM​ ​2021
​U.S. Multiculturalism Seminar (LSP 200) ​Kate Brucher ​MUS ​MUS ​2019
​Experiential Learning Shayna Connelly​ CDM​ ​CDM ​2021
​Senior Capstone ​Alec Brownlow ​GEO ​LAS ​2021
​Arts & Literature ​Jeff Carter ​AMD ​LAS ​2020​
​Philosophical Inquiry Sean Kirkland​ PHL​ ​LAS ​2020
​Religious Dimensions Chris Mount​ ​REL ​LAS ​2020
​Scientific Inquiry ​Mark Potosnak ENV ​CSH ​2020
​Social, Cultural, & Behavioral Inquiry ​Michael DeAngelis ​CMN ​CMN ​2020
​Understanding the Past ​Lisa Sigel ​HST ​LAS ​2019

LSP Advisory Committee Membership

 ​ ​​​​​
Chicago Quarter​ Committee
​Member ​Unit ​College ​Term End
​Leah Bryant Chair ​CMN ​CMN ​2021
​Rebecca Cameron ​ENG ​LAS ​​2020
​Colleen Doody ​HST ​LAS ​2021
Melissa Markley MKT ​BUS 2021​
James Montgomery​ ​CSH ​CSH ​2020
​Karl Nass ​UMIN ​n/a ​​2019
​Jason Kalin WRD​ LAS 2019​
Doug Long ex-officio​ ​FYP ​n/a n/a​
​Mike Edwards ex-officio FYP​ n/a​ n/a​
(​Vacant) ex-officio ​NSFE ​n/a ​n/a