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Robert Shuter

Robert Shuter
Dr.  Robert Shuter, a research professor at Arizona State University Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and professor emeritus at Marquette University, is a pioneer and thought leader in intercultural communication studies.

With more than 90 publications on intercultural communication, Dr. Shuter has devoted his most recent research to exploring the impact of new media on intercultural communication.  
He is executive director and founder of the Center for Intercultural New Media Research, a scholarly network of over 375 research associates in 55 countries.

Keynote Address: Intercultural New Media Studies: The New Frontier in Intercultural Communication

​Abstract: Dr. Shuter's keynote presentation examines the impact of new media on intercultural communication. It explores the influence of new media on crucial dynamics of intercultural communication, including their potential for increasing intercultural dialogue and reducing conflict across cultures.