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The DePaul University Honors Program is committed to producing a quality newsletter created by and for its students. The Honorable Mentions newsletter provides a forum for announcements and information about Honors activities and students, as well as a voice for student views on important (and unimportant!) issues, and an opportunity for displaying the creative work of Honors students. The newsletter is also designed to generate interest in Honors events, and keep students and faculty up-to-date and involved in the Honors Program.

Honorable Mentions is published online. If you are interested in contributing to the next issue of Honorable Mentions, contact                     Assistant Director Mary Kate Turek​​​.​ 

Past Honorable Mentions Issues

Awards and Recognition 

Honorable Mentions has been recognized several times for excellence by NCHC* through their national newsletter contest.  The newsletter received the following awards in the "Student-Produced - Electronic" category:

  • 2018 - Third Place
  • 2017 - First Place
  • 2016 - Second Place
  • 2015 - Second Place
  • 2014 - First Place
  • 2013 - Second Place
  • 2012 - First Place

*The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) is the professional association of undergraduate honors programs and colleges, honors directors and deans, and honors faculty, staff and students. NCHC is a national organization with over 900 affiliated honors programs and honors colleges from across the country.