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Additional Honors Programs

​​​University Honors and Other Honors Options at DePaul

Students who qualify for the University Honors Program may also qualify for Strobel Accountancy Honors​, the BA/JD Program, or Pathways Honors​.  These programs are compatible with University Honors, and students are welcome to participate in both.

All DePaul students complete three sets of requirements: 
1) Liberal Studies courses that fulfill their general education requirements
2) Courses required for their major
3) Open electives

Students in the University Honors Program fulfill their Liberal Studies requirements through an Honors curriculum. The major and open elective portions of their academic program remain the same as students who are not in University Honors.

Students in the BA/JD Program complete all of their undergraduate requirements in three years due to adjustments in their open electives.  The Honors and major requirements for these students remain the same as if they were in a four-year program.  

Strobel Accountancy students participate in more rigorous sections of accountancy courses.  Their Liberal Studies or Honors requirements do not change.

Students in Pathways Honors participate in pre-professional programming and opportunities for accelerated degree programs.  Participation in Pathways Honors does not change a student’s academic requirements, so their Liberal Studies or Honors requirements are not affected by Pathways participation.

University Honors provides opportunities to meet other academically advanced students from across the university and to engage with faculty from a variety of departments and disciplines.  Strobel, BA/JD, and Pathways provide students with opportunities related to their majors or career paths.  Students who choose to do both University Honors and an honors track related to their professional goals benefit from an enhanced general education experience combined with career-focused preparation.

The University Honors Program welcomes students who participate in other honors offerings and works closely with these students to ensure that their academic and pre-professional needs are met.