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Admission Process


The Honors Program brings together students from across the country in an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates a well-designed liberal education with the cultural resources of a great city. Working in small seminars under the direction of a dedicated faculty, Honors students join a lively and challenging scholarly community.

Most students who enter DePaul's Honors Program are in the top 10 percent of their high school class, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and an ACT composite score of at least 28 (if submitted). However, we understand that standardized tests are simply one measure of scholarly ability, so we carefully examine each student's entire application and high school record, looking for the qualifications and independent learning that identify good honors candidates. We encourage any students with a strong commitment to academic study, and strengths in reading and writing, to consider applying to the Honors Program.

If you are an already-admitted student who demonstrates strong academic motivation and would like to be challenged by a rigorous academic curriculum at the university level, you are encouraged to apply to the University Honors Program. The Honors Admission Committee individually reviews each Honors application, taking into consideration all components of the student’s academic profile, particularly the content and quality of the essay.

Other than students  accepted to the School of Music and the Theatre School, we are no longer accepting applications for the fall 2019 cohort.   Music and Theatre students can go to: go.depaul.edu/honorsapp  

To be considered for winter quarter admission, please apply directly to the Honors Program in the fall quarter. Thank you for your interest.

Interested in Transferring into the Honors Program?

If you are currently enrolled at DePaul and are interested in applying to the Honors Program, please download the Transfer Application form. The decision to accept students who have already begun their studies at DePaul will be based on academic performance and available space in the Honors Program.