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Listed below are the faculty who are currently teaching or have taught in the Honors Program.

Clement Adibe, Political Science - HON 201: States, Markets & Societies

Cheryl Bachand, History of Art and Architecture - HON 110: Frank Lloyd Wright

Hugh Bartling, Public Policy Studies - HON 110: Chicago's Urban Agriculture

Bernhard Beck-Winchatz, STEM Studies - HON 225: Science at the Edge of Space

Eugene Beiriger, History - HON 102: History in Global Contexts: Warlords & HON 350: Senior Seminar - War, Memory, Imagination: The Great War and Beyond

Peg Birmingham, Philosophy - HON 105: Philosophical Inquiry 

Jim Block, Political Science - HON 105: Philosophical Inquiry

Elena Boeck, History of Art & Architecture -HON 205: Twilight of the Gods, Late Antiquity (fall); Art of the Crusades (winter)

Kate Brucher - School of Music - HON 110: Chicago's Music Scene

Scott Bucking, History - HON 102, Excavating Ancient Egypt  

Rebecca Cameron, English - HON 101, World Literature; HON 205: Modernist Experimentation  

Jeff Carter, Art, Media & Design - HON 205: Relational Aesthetics

Gary Cestaro, Modern Languages (Italian) - HON 101, World Literature

Jennifer Conary, English - HON 101, World Literature