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Honors Program Requirements

​​A university student's academic program is typically composed of three parts:

  1. Major Requirements
  2. Liberal Studies (or General Education) Requirements
  3. Open Electives

The Honors curriculum replaces the Liberal Studies requirements for students in the Honors Program. Major courses and open electives are not affected by a student's participation in the Honors Program. Honors students complete the same number of General Education courses as students in the regular Liberal Studies Program, but the course requirements are different, reflecting the needs and goals of students seeking an Honors education. Honors courses are taught seminar-style and are capped at 20 students per class, allowing for a richer academic experience. Following is a list of all Honors courses; depending on their college/major, students may be waived from one or more courses below:

HON 100 - Rhetoric and Critical Inquiry
HON 101 - World Literature
HON 102 - History in Global Contexts
HON 104 - Religious Worldviews and Ethical Perspectives
HON 105 - Philosophical Inquiry
HON 110/111 - Honors Discover/Explore Chicago
HON 180 - Data Analysis and Statistics
HON 201 - States, Markets, and Societies
HON 205 – Interdisciplinary Arts
HON 208 - Topics in Sociocultural Inquiry
HON 225 - Honors Lab Science Topics
HON 300 – Honors Research Seminar
HON 301 – Honors Junior Seminar in Multiculturalism
HON 350 – Honors Senior Seminar
HON 351 - Honors Senior Seminar in Service Learning
HON 395 – Honors Senior Thesis

Every quarter represents a balance for Honors students between their major requirements, their Honors requirements, and their open electives. Honors Program freshmen and sophomores generally take one or two Honors course per quarter. Juniors and seniors in the Honors Program generally take one or two Honors courses per year as they pursue their major requirements. Seniors have the option of completing an Honors Senior Thesis project to fulfill the Honors Capstone requirement.

Honors requirements vary according to a student's college and major; see the Honors Program Student Handbook​ for specific information.

For a description of the above Honors courses, see the following: Honors Program Course descriptions.

Current Topics Course Offerings (2020-​2021):

Fall Quarter 2020 

Winter Quarter 2021

Other Honors Requirements: