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Honors Capstone

Honors Senior Capstone Information (including Senior Thesis Information)

Each student in the Honors Program will complete either an Honors Senior Seminar course or an Honors Senior Thesis (see below). Both formats require students to use the research skills they developed in the Junior Seminar to carry out projects independently.

The Honors Senior Seminar requires students to use the research skills they developed in the Junior Seminar to carry out projects independently.  The Senior Seminar seeks to advance these skills through discussion, research, and presentations. Note that HON 351 is a service-learning designated course that may be used to fulfill the university’s experiential learning requirement.

The Honors Senior Thesis is a significant study of a topic of interest to the student, and is conducted in close consultation with two faculty members serving as thesis advisor and faculty reader. The thesis can be a piece of in-depth research or a creative project with a research supplement. Careful planning is required at all stages of the process, and students are required to submit a thesis proposal the quarter before the thesis will be completed. A summary of the research or creative process will presented at the Honors Student Conference and displayed in poster format at the Honors Senior Gala. Listed below is detailed information about the Honors Senior Thesis option. Students can also stop by the Honors Program office to receive a thesis packet.

Read what one recent Honors Program graduate told us:

"My Honors Senior Thesis became the writing sample and cornerstone of all my applications. It was by a wide margin the most important thing I did as an undergraduate, and perhaps the singular reason for my grad school admissions successes. If you ever need anybody to stand on a soapbox and preach the virtues of undertaking a thesis project, I'd be happy to do so!"
Adam Syvertsen (2016) – Accepted to Northwestern University, PhD in English

Honors Senior Thesis Information: 2018-2019