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Jessica Glass - Rome - Summer, 2015

I participated in the "Rome: Film Studies" program the summer before my senior year at DePaul. I lived in an apartment in Rome for six weeks over the summer and took two classes on Italian film - one historical and one contemporary. It was an amazing experience, especially because I had never left the country before. It was the perfect way to be introduced to international travel and gave me some useful skills for the future.
    Since we lived in apartments, it really felt like I was living in another country for the span of the trip. Not feeling like a tourist emboldened me to get outside my comfort zone and not just visit touristy locations.  I got to eat amazing food, meet interesting people, and explore a side of Rome that I likely would not have seen as a tourist.
    Getting to do this trip with other students was awesome because we were all had some things in common and it made it easier to form bonds with other students. Studying abroad is a really wonderful experience and I made some great friends while doing it.
    I feel like I grew as a person through this experience and know that I can handle anything as a result. I never thought I would be able to say that I was grateful to get 'lost' in the twisting streets of Rome, but I really am.  I am glad I got to participate in this trip and would highly recommend study abroad to everyone.