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Hannah Reed - Switzerland - December 2019

This past winter break I took a study abroad trip to Switzerland to visit global non-profit organizations like UNICEF, WWF, and many more to learn about what they do for the world and how they do it. It was amazing to listen to people speak so passionately about their work, especially as a college student who has no idea what is coming next career-wise. In each and every visit our speakers talked about things they do in their position every day that contribute to real change in the world. One of the more moving moments of our trip was sitting in The Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room in the United Nations, learning more about the operations of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), only weeks after completing a research project in which I used a report completed for the office of the High Commissioner of the HRC that was presented in that very room only six months prior. As a Political Science major, I read all the time about the impact of these organizations, good and bad, and it was an amazing experience to actually be in the room where it happens. While the educational aspect was everything I hoped for and more, I have yet to talk about visiting Switzerland. THE Switzerland. We spent time in Geneva and Zurich and both were two of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life. Visiting Geneva feels like being dropped into a thriving city that has fooled everyone into thinking it’s the French Countryside, and Zurich has the big city feel while maintaining a quaint German charm. The natural beauty of the Swiss landscape and the country’s small but noticeable quirks, be they topiary human-like birds, or images of cows on everything from dinner plates to buildings, Switzerland is as vibrant and beautiful as the mountains bordering it, and whether you’re interested in non-profits, nature, religious history, cheese, or beautifully planned public transit systems, it’s definitely worth putting on your bucket list.